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2010 LT 5.5 First ride

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12010 LT 5.5 First ride Empty 2010 LT 5.5 First ride le 3/12/2009, 7:23 pm


Poor conditions , very gusty.
Kite build is great very high quality.
Depower throw much shorter than 09 I can reach the bar and im pretty short armed !
Doesnt lock at full depower Smile
Great valves on the struts and LE nice easy inflate
Bar pressure light on hybrid , too light for me
on C more pressure but I like it better.

Kite is quick but not stupid quick like some 5 m kites
relaunch , what more can i say .... 1 2 3 ready ..
things i dont like so much
ERA line is a bit of a pain can see me needing it if there is enough wind for the 5 then I dont think I will use it.
PU coating on depower line, jst dont like it feels sticky, going to replace with amsteel as soon as I can. I would rather replace every few months than have the sticky feeling.
Long bridles (by pully) but that just me , just make sure they are ok before you lauch

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