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my suggestions

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1 my suggestions le 28/9/2009, 8:50 am


first (10 minutes) test flight of my 9m (2009). Very little wind so just setup and had a play.

my first suggestions :-

PU on depower rope - good idea BUT the mini 5th is going to wear real quick.
- Does it have to go through the bar?
- How about supplying a replacement with the kite?
- Ability to buy spares?
- Larger Hole in bar.

Depower strap - Gets stuck on max depower (Have resolved buy removing strap from D-Ring).
Depower strap - Not a very smooth action when powering / depowering - only works in little steps (Have used waroo's in the past and depower / power can be done in one smooth action).
Depower strap - Change buckle from plastic to metal - it may make the depower/power action smoother.

longer scuff pads on leading edge.

re-enforcing around the bridle attachment points.

ability to buy or suggestions for generic replacement items i.e bladders.

not tried this yet BUT - what happens if you suddenly get completely overpowered? there is no ability to completely flag the kite. Yes I can drop to mini 5th but the kite does appear to retain some power as its waiting for relaunch, but, in totally overpowered situation am I going to struggle to control this? Do I need complete flag out?..... will test!

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