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Notus 2011 9 & 12 + bar for sale (sold)

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I have for sale:

Notus 9m² Dark Blue
Notus 12m² Royal Red
2011 New generation Bar with central quickrelease

The kites are bought in March this year, they are brand new (no repairs)

I'm from Holland. If you're interested, please contact me at lude.feldbrugge at
gmail.com for prices and shipping information.

Notus 2011  9 & 12 + bar for sale (sold) IMG_7010_(Medium)
Notus 2011  9 & 12 + bar for sale (sold) IMG_7012_(Medium)
Notus 2011  9 & 12 + bar for sale (sold) IMG_7015_(Medium)

Dernière édition par Lude le 5/9/2012, 6:22 am, édité 1 fois


9m: € 509, -
12m: € 599, -

along with bar: negotiable
send to France: 20, -
Paypal is not a problem, I pay.

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